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Tailored Financial Blueprints Designed For Success

At Shallcross Financial Planning, our primary service is to provide you with an objective and comprehensive fee-based financial plan. Our team of professionals offers innovative custom wealth management resources, combining them with personalized attention and care to create tailored financial blueprints for each client. Our diverse client base includes executives, professionals, business owners, and retirees, all benefiting from our expertise and dedication.

Financial Planning

With our experience and knowledge, we guide you through the complexities of financial decision-making. Our objective and unbiased advice ensures recommendations tailored to your unique needs. We provide comprehensive planning across all aspects of your financial well-being, while offering behavioral coaching and emotional support. By entrusting us with your financial affairs, you save time and benefit from our efficiency.

Our financial planning services also include:

  • Tax Reduction Strategies
  • Retirement Plan Design and Implementation
  • College Funding
  • Estate Planning Strategies

Investment Management

As your dedicated financial partner, we believe in the value we bring to your investment journey and the benefits of having a professional guide by your side. Every investor has unique financial goals, risk tolerance, and time horizons. We recognize the importance of tailoring investment strategies to your specific needs. By understanding your objectives and constraints, we create customized investment portfolios designed to align with your goals while managing risk effectively. Our goal is to optimize your investment returns and help you achieve long-term financial success.

Our investment management services also include:

  • Risk Tolerance Evaluation
  • Portfolio Design
  • Investment Selection
  • Asset Management
  • Performance Review

Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement involves various complex factors, including savings, investments, tax implications, and income strategies. As experienced financial advisors, we possess the expertise and knowledge required to navigate these intricacies. We stay up-to-date with retirement planning strategies, regulations, and market trends, enabling us to provide you with informed advice tailored to your unique circumstances.

Navigating the complexities of retirement benefits, such as Social Security, pensions, and employer-sponsored plans, can be challenging. As your advisor, we help you understand your options, optimize your benefits, and make informed decisions that align with your retirement goals. We evaluate the impact of various scenarios, assess the timing of benefit withdrawals, and provide strategies to designed to maximize your retirement income.

Our retirement planning services also include:

  • Social Security Analysis
  • Pension Plan Evaluation & Guidance
  • Medicare & Healthcare Cost Planning
  • Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) Planning
  • Cash Flow Management & Budgeting


We believe in taking a holistic approach to your financial well-being, which includes a thorough review of your insurance coverage. We assess your current policies, identify any gaps or overlaps, and ensure that you have adequate protection in place for your life, health, home, auto, and other valuable assets. Our goal is to provide you with sense of security, knowing that you are adequately protected against unexpected events. Whether you are starting a family, purchasing a new home, or planning for retirement, we work closely with you to identify the right insurance policies that offer the appropriate coverage and fit within your budget.

Our insurance services include:

  • Policy Review and Audit
  • Policy Gap and Needs Analysis
  • Recommendations

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