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5 Ideas for a Virtual Holiday Party

5 Ideas for a Virtual Holiday Party

October 24, 2023

Many of us have adapted to a world with remote team members and back-to-back Zoom calls with customers spread across the country, which certainly has benefits. Still, one drawback is the difficulty of getting together in person. Whether it be for team-building or customer appreciation, the days of reserving the local restaurant for a holiday party may not work as effectively as they did in the past. 

As we approach the holidays and the thoughts of "what should I do for my employees" and "what should I do for my customers"” weigh on our minds, I thought I’d share some ideas that may spark some creative approaches to celebrating the season with those near and far!

Some of these ideas have associated costs, while others are free. So, whether your budget is big, small, or nonexistent, you can still put on a creative and memorable event. Here are some of our favorites.

Just remember, any companies mentioned are for illustrative purposes only. We are not endorsing these companies or suggesting that they are the preferred choice for your event. They might be helpful as a starting point, or they can be used as a point of comparison. 

Virtual Wine Tasting Party

Experience an elevated virtual wine tasting led by an expert guiding your group through the nuances of selected wines sent in advance. Discover how to appreciate wine’s appearance, aroma, and taste while gaining insights into their profiles. The event concludes with a Q&A session about the wines.

Learn to Make a Charcuterie Board

Host a client appreciation event, teaching attendees to craft a charcuterie board with a skilled charcuter. The session delves into cheese history and board fundamentals, from selecting meats and cheeses to pairing recommendations using a kit.

A Virtual Holiday Cooking Lesson

Invite guests to a virtual holiday cooking class led by a top chef. The participants can opt for a holiday appetizer, main course, or dessert using pre-delivered ingredients. The rate encompasses a personal chef, event planning, and ingredient delivery.

Everyone Loves Chocolate, Especially During the Holidays!

Celebrate the festive season with a virtual chocolate tasting. Guided by a certified expert, Celebrate the festive season with a virtual chocolate tasting. Guided by a certified expert, the participants will sample chocolates from renowned global chocolatiers sent before the event. Learn about chocolate history and the stories of its creators.

Test Your Knowledge with Holiday Trivia

Engage in holiday trivia hosted by Outback Team Building’s Frost’s Virtual Holiday Trivia. Compete in holiday-themed trivia rounds and connect during Frost’s Icebreaker. The fastest and most accurate team emerges as the winner.

As you can see, there are plenty of choices for hosting a virtual holiday event!

In our roles, we strive to think about your life as a whole. This includes offering insights that can enhance your well-being and happiness. We would like to be a bit more than your financial professional. We’re partners in your life’s journey, providing support beyond numbers. We hope our list helped get your creative juices flowing, and you’ll share your success stories with us!

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